About Us

Welcome to Oak Essentials Wellness. Our massage and bodywork studio is located at the back of The Leader building in downtown Mount Holly, NC. OEW was founded in 2007 by Owner and North Carolina Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist (NCLMBT) Elizabeth Jordan. We added a second NCLMBT to our business in 2021, a third in 2022, and our fourth this year in 2024! Our massage therapists will customize each session for their clients using their professionalism, knowledge, and experience. They use their tools and knowledge to provide help, health, and healing to those who need it. We strive to provide our clients with a way to take charge of their wellness.


Owner and North Carolina Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist

Elizabeth is the founder of Oak Essentials Wellness and was the only massage therapist here for over 14 years. She graduated from the Body Therapy Institute and has been a practicing massage therapist since 2007. She has received Certification in Reflexology, Prenatal, and many other types of massage therapy practices. She prides herself on her knowledge of Massage Therapy and its effects on the human body.

Why did Elizabeth decide to practice massage? She wanted to have the tools and knowledge to provide help, health, and healing to those who need it. Massage is a great stress-relieving tool, and stress can cause havoc in our body in many different ways, but relaxation is just a bonus side effect of massage for Elizabeth. She truly views massage as a way to treat and heal various ailments. She is also well versed in the use of therapeutic grade essential oils to do everything from treat chronic muscle pain to providing a full body detox.

Who is Elizabeth outside of OEW? She is a mother of 5 and greatly enjoys spending time with her husband, family, and friends. Elizabeth loves traveling to and adventuring in new places!

Credly states that: "Earners of the Board Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (BCTMB®) badge have attained the highest credential within the massage and bodywork profession. They know and can demonstrate advanced assessment and critical thinking abilities. Earners of this badge have advanced skills and knowledge in all aspects of massage therapy and bodywork."


North Carolina Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist

Chelsea graduated from Maiden School of Massage & Bodywork Therapy in 2021. Before becoming a NC Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist, she worked as an Accounts Manager at Massage Envy for 3 years.

What inspired Chelsea to become a massage therapist? She decided to research the Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage, which connects her to her Native Pacific Islander family origins. Through researching this type of massage, she became more interested in and connected to massage therapy. Chelsea is super excited to be the second massage therapist for Oak Essentials Wellness - and the first massage therapist to be included in the expansion. 

Who is Chelsea outside of OEW? Spending time with her child, hiking, mountain biking, painting, and being an amazing mom are all on the top of Chelsea’s list of favorite things to do!


North Carolina Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist

Dakota graduated from North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork in 2021. She has advanced education in anatomy and neuromuscular massage from David Phillips, and has been mentored in specialized relaxation techniques.

What inspired Dakota to become a massage therapist? She found it fascinating that emotions are stored in the body! She wanted to implement her knowledge from her Psychology degree into her career as a massage and bodywork therapist. Dakota is ecstatic to become the third massage therapist here at Oak Essentials Wellness. She has enjoyed meeting her new clients and cannot wait to meet more! 

Who is Dakota outside of OEW? She enjoys spending time with her spouse. Dakota enjoys creating art through drawing and painting. Hiking, cooking, and baking are also part of her favorite things to do outside of work! 


North Carolina Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist

Hunter graduated from Maiden School of Massage & Bodywork Therapy in 2023 and has since been practicing massage therapy since May of the same year. His decision to embark on this career path was sparked by a desire to leave the corporate environment, where he felt like just another number. Hunter was eager to be involved in a profession where he could truly help people and make a meaningful impact daily, which led him to massage therapy! He enjoys providing assistance to individuals that are dealing with injuries or other concerns. He says that one of the best feelings is seeing someone stand up after a massage therapy session with reduced or no pain! 

Hunter likes to be a problem-solver for his clients, so he particularly enjoys the therapeutic side of massage therapy where he gets to help clients address and alleviate specific issues. He is experienced with deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy. Hunter is ecstatic to become the fourth massage therapist here at Oak Essentials Wellness - and we are even more ecstatic to have him here! He has enjoyed creating connections with new clients and cannot wait to forge new connections with more clients.

Outside of his professional role, Hunter leads an active and varied lifestyle. He plays in multiple adult sports leagues, loves golf and trivia, and enjoys doing activities with his 2 children like putt putt, going to movies, and going to the zoo!

What We Do

Customize Each Session

The first thing we ask is always: “how is your body?” – and we truly want to know. We will customize each session to fit your needs.

Let You Get Comfortable

Your massage therapist will instruct you to lay either face up or face down and they will exit the room. You may then undress to your comfort level. We recommend taking everything except for your bottom undergarments off, especially if you would like your legs and feet to be included in your massage. Once you are ready, lay on the table completely under the sheets & blankets.

Begin Massage

Your therapist will knock on the door and ask if you are ready. Feel free to express if you are ready for them to enter the room or if you need more time to get comfortable. Once you are ready, your massage therapist will enter the room and your session will begin.

Schedule Your Session

Feeling confident that this is the right place for you and your massage therapy needs? Call us at 704-830-4475 to get scheduled. Our Front Desk support staff will assist you in scheduling your appointment. If this is your first time scheduling with us, we do require our clients to keep a card on file to secure your spot. This policy directly connects to our cancellation and no show policies. If you would prefer to look at available times and schedule online, you may do so by clicking either of the “Schedule” buttons below. A non-refundable prepayment of 50% of the total cost of services scheduled is required for all New Clients. If you would like to read over our Policies & Procedures, click here: